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Our Mission

The LNI Resource Center was launched in 2021, as an initiative of the International Legal Forum, and supported by the Government of Israel, to establish and strengthen the professional legal community working worldwide to counter antisemitism and the de-legitimization of Israel and the Jewish people.

It provides a comprehensive list of policies, laws, treaties, articles, materials and position papers, thus serving as a single source of information saving you valuable time and resources, while helping provide the necessary legal tools to make the case for Israel and combat surging antisemitism and the delegitimization of the Jewish people.

The content has been divided into 5 major categories, which have been identified as key legal challenges: Antisemitism, BDS, International Law (including International Courts and Tribunals), Labeling & Blacklist, and Anti-Terrorism. 


In addition, the Resource Center, will connect members of the pro-Israel legal network, to allow you to submit content and information about upcoming public events in your community. If there is one thing our incredible network has proven beyond a doubt, it is that we are always stronger together!

With time, we will continue to update the Resource Center with new features and always welcome your feedback and suggestions.


Ultimately, the Resource Center is powered by its members, so please submit to us materials, events, and legal publications and share this resource with your network, so that together, we can stand up for Israel and fight the scourge of antisemitism.

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