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Australia Anti-Terror Organization Lists

27 Organisations Listed as Terrorist Organisations Under the Criminal Code

For an effective counter-terrorism regime, it is vital that our laws target not only terrorist acts, but also the organisations that plan, finance and carry out such acts. In 2002, a range of terrorist organisation offences were inserted into the Criminal Code Act 1995. More information is available on the Laws to combat terrorism page.
Under the law, there are two ways for an organisation to be identified as a terrorist organisation. The prosecution can prove beyond reasonable doubt that an organisation is a terrorist organisation as part of the prosecution for a terrorist offence. Alternatively, the organisation may be specified in Regulations as a terrorist orga​nisation. This process, known as 'listing', requires certain processes set out in the legislation to be followed.

For more information on the process and requirements that apply to the listing of terrorist organisations, go to the Protocol for listing terrorist organisations page.

Currently, 27 organisations are listed as terrorist organisations under the Criminal Code. Click the link to see the list.

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