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Chamber Judgment: Willem v. France

European Court of Human Rights, Report in French

1. At the origin of the case is an application (no 10883/05) directed against the French Republic and including a national of that State, Mr Jean-Claude Fernand Willem ("the applicant"), brought proceedings before the Court on March 17, 2005 under article 34 of the Convention for the Protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms ("the Convention").
2. The applicant is represented before the Court by Mes D. Joseph and D. Dendouga, lawyers in Lille. The French government ("the Government ”) is represented by its agent, Ms. E. Belliard, Director legal affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
3. The applicant alleges a violation of his right to liberty expression guaranteed by Article 10 of the Convention.
4. On April 4, 2007, the Court decided to communicate the application to the Government. As Article 29 § 3 of the Convention allows, it has in furthermore, it was decided that the admissibility and the merits of the case.

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