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An Interim Assessment of the Gaza Conflict of 10 – 21 May, 2021

High Level Military Group

1. Examining the 10-21 May Gaza conflict, the findings of the High Level Military Group (HLMG) show that, as in previous Gaza conflicts, the proscribed terrorist entity Hamas, supported by Iran, launched an assault against Israeli civilians, part of the ongoing armed aggression against Israel. Despite a range of pretexts for this offensive there were no legitimate grounds of any kind.

2. Hamas were joined in their aggression by other jihadist factions in Gaza, in the West Bank, as well as in a relatively minor way from Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. Each of these actions was illegal under international law and generally amounted to war crimes.

3. Israel’s response was measured, carefully calibrated and sought to eliminate threats to its population and territory within the law. In particular, the IDF scrupulously observed International Humanitarian Law, specifically the principles of necessity, proportionality distinction and precautions.

4. The conflict was accompanied by a violent uprising of Israeli Arabs against Israeli Jews and security forces across many parts of the country.

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