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Israel - The Golan Heights Laws - English

December 14, 1981

This legislation, extending Israeli law to the area of the Golan Heights was adopted by the Knesset by a majority of 63 against 21. Among those in favor were eight members of the Labor Party opposition. In presenting the law, Prime Minister Begin stated that the time had come to implement the government's policy regarding the Golan Heights citing Syria's implacable hostility to Israel, and the recent deployment of Syrian missiles on Lebanese soil -- a provocation of crisis proportions. He reminded the ministers that the Syrian president had recently rejected any ties with Israel, even if the PLO would recognize Israel.


1. The Law, jurisdiction and administration of the state shall apply to the Golan Heights, as described in the Appendix.
2. This Law shall become valid on the day of its passage in the Knesset.
3. The Minister of the Interior shall be charged with the implementation of this Law, and he is entitled, in consultation with the Minister of Justice, to enact regulations for its implementation and to formulate in regulations transitional provisions concerning the continued application of regulations, orders, administrative orders, rights and duties which were in force on the Golan Heights prior to the application of this Law.

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