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Western Sahara Campaign UK


The LNI Resource Center was established in 2020 as a joint project between the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs and the International Legal Forum to establish and strengthen the professional legal community working worldwide to counter antisemitism and the de-legitimization of Israel and the Jewish people.

The Resource Center provides our legal community with a comprehensive list of policies, laws, treaties, articles, and position papers, thus serving as a single source of information saving you valuable time and resources. The content is divided into 6 major categories: antisemitism, IHRA & holocaust, BDS, international law, including tribunals, treaties and conventions, labeling & blacklist, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and anti-terrorism.

Our center is here to provide you with a 360-degree view on all these major issues, essentially supplying you with everything you need to know in order to tackle various occurrences you might encounter in your daily efforts, while also connecting you with other prominent members of our legal community, in the belief that we are stronger together.

Recognizing that access to resources, however vast, is not always enough, our team of dedicated experts is also here to provide you with legal advice and support in understanding and properly tackling the complex legal realities and options available to you.

The content uploaded to the Resource Center is submitted by us AND by the members of the network, keeping all of us informed and engaged with global events, as they happen, at all times. You are always welcomed to contribute your content to the center’s resources.

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