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Preliminary Results of the Violence Survey in the Palestinian Society 2019

Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, 2019

The Violence Survey in the Palestinian Society 2019 is a specialized valuable survey which was implemented in Palestine for the third time. The survey is of great importance as it sheds light on the phenomenon of violence in the Palestinian society including all its types such as violence occurring within households and communities. The current version provides an opportunity to compare its findings with those of previous versions to observe the change in size of this deep-rooted phenomenon in the Palestinian society, its abundance, changes in trends, and related developmental and humanitarian characteristics. The survey’s current version aims to providing a comprehensive and updated database on violence targeting women, children the youth, the elderly and persons with disabilities. Such a database may help decision and policy makers to prepare plans and programs and to design evidence-based interventions to uplift these marginalized social sectors, meet their needs and provide them with much needed services.

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